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Department began to provide instruction in professional English to students of international affairs majoring in economics. This time period has seen the formation of a sound academic and teaching tradition under the leadership of the department’s most prominent instructors and associate professors. The teaching staff have accumulated extensive expertise in teaching English for special purposes and in relevant research, as evidenced in multiple publications some of the leading national and international academic journals. 

The Head of the Department, Svetlana Dubinko is a specialist in phonetic stylistics, translation theory and practice, foreign language teaching methodology, modern methods of instruction, cross-cultural communications and strategies of business communication.

The Department employs 38 teaching staff, including one professor, 7 associate professors, 26 senior instructors and 5 instructors. All of the associate professors work on a full-time basis and hold candidate degrees, including two in pedagogy, and four in linguistics.

The department’s staff have participated in a range of international training events and conferences. Examples include the masters level distance education module "Teaching Business English" in Manchester, UK, a research-based seminar on teaching business English at the Business school of Iowa State university, a masters-level distance programme module on teaching English for special purposes, offered by the School of Distance Training in Chicago, the Community Connection programme, the workshop on leadership and career development at Athlone Educational College, Ireland. Staff have also contributed to a range of research and methodology workshops hosted by a number of foreign academic institutions, including: Kansas State University (Manhattan, KS), University of Missouri - Kansas City, Laurence University (Kansas, USA). Other training events included the "Academic Writing" workshop at Bersheva University (Israel), activities hosted by the Association of foreign affairs (based in Prague, Czech Republic), the academic programmes EuroChallenge and EURECO (based in Copenhagen, Denmark), the Federation of National Associations of Teachers of Foreign Languages.

The department is an active participant in the proceedings of the Methodology Council of the Textbook Publishing Centre under the Ministry of Education, and have served as organisers and jury members of regional subject competitions among secondary students and intra-university subject contests among economics majors.

The Department is a party to international cooperation among academic institutions under the terms of the Memorandum of Intent with the Moscow State University of International Relations, the University of Finance under the Government of the Russian Federation and the Department of English Language Examinations of Cambridge University. These agreements provide a framework for the conduct of online workshops and conferences among the students and teachers of these universities.

Academic debate clubs bring together students and teachers from the Department and researchers from the National Academy of Sciences who conduct joint conferences, academic debate sessions and workshops.

Many of the department’s leading teachers have received awards from the management of the Belarusian State University and other academic institutions for their role in the education and training of specialists with higher education. These include the honorary titles “distinguished employee of the Belarusian State University”, Diploma if the Ministry of Education of Belarus, and certificates of appreciation from the Belarusian State University.

 Contact Address: 220030, Minsk, ul. Leningradskaya, 20, suite 914, tel.: +375 17 209 57 57 , e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


  • Address: Minsk, st. Leningradskaya, 20
  • Postal address: 220030, Minsk, пр. Nezavisimosti, 4
  • Phone: +375 17 209 59 77
  • e-mail: fir@bsu.by

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