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The Master’s program “World Economics - International trade (Economics, Politics, Law)” (1 academic year, 2 semesters) is coordinated by the Department of International Economic Relations of the Faculty of International Relations of the Belarusian State University since 2012. For this period, students not only from Belarus, but also from China, Russia, India, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Iraq, Jordan joined and finished successfully the program.

The Master’s program offers a comprehensive education in economics. It offers an opportunity to overseas students who are interested in researching of mechanisms of functioning and regulation of world economic system at the national, regional and international levels, processes of internationalization of the economic relations and at the same time training foreign languages.

The academic process of this master’s program is organized in English.

The main goal of the master’s program “World Economics” is to provide indepth theoretical and empirical knowledge in order to analyze modern trends of the world economy. The program provides overseas students with one year of analytical training focused on international economic relations and provide students with a platform to develop the critical thinking and research skills and knowledge necessary to become experts at analyzing modern trends of the world economy and international economic relations.

The Curriculum covers a wide range of theoretical and practical issues and includes some important objectives. The Master's Program broadens the content of the undergraduate program and provides students with essential tools for advanced studies and a career as an economist. Students will be able to analyze economic policy problems using state-of-the-art methods and to develop successful strategies.

Special attention is paid to current problems of the world economy and international economic relations, especially to international movement of capital and labor, international monetary and financial relations, international economic integration in different regions of the world, the role of the World Trade Organization in the regulation of international trade, non-tariff measures to protect the domestic market under WTO rules, the process of accession to WTO.

The academic courses of the master’s program provide the development of the modern economic thinking among undergraduates, their acquisition of deep theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the field of organization and management of foreign economic activity at the micro level, macro - and mesolevel, and the formation on this basis of the relevant professional qualities of future specialists


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