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The main goal of the Master’s program “International Relations” (1,8 academic years, 120 credits) is a complex and detailed teaching of the International Relations System’s formation and evolution, its most significant elements, instruments, interactions and interdependencies.

The proposed Master’s study focuses on detailed analysis of key features and characteristics of the History and Theory of International Relations as well as Topical Problems of the present World Politics and Economy.

The Curriculum includes the realization of some important objectives, and namely: studying of the Subject and Methodological Basics of the History and Theory of International Relations, analysis of the leading research Tendencies and Schools of the modern Theory of International Relations, characterization of the most important periods and stages of the System of International Relations development, consideration of the main approaches to the Foreign Policies analysis in a historical Retrospective and at the present stage, research of the geopolitical, social, cultural and economical aspects of the History and Theory of International Relations, and defining of main approaches to the contemporary analysis of place and the role of Conflict in the modern International Relations.

The academic courses of the Master’s program consider different problems of the Foreign Policies formation and realization based on such important categories as National Interests and Foreign Policy Priorities. It includes also studying of the basic Theories of Decision-making in Foreign Policy as well as analysis of the characteristics and backgrounds of Integration and Disintegration processes in the International Relations at the beginning of the XXI century.

Main academic courses:

  • History of International Relations
  • Political Theories of the Global Development
  • Methodology of the International Processes’ Analysis
  • Applied Analysis of the State Foreign Policy

Faculty and Department Supervisors: Victor G. Shadurski, Dean, Professor, Doctor of Science (History) and Mechislau E. Chasnouski, Head of Department, Professor, Doctor of Science (History).

Core Teaching Staff: Alexandr M. Baichorov, Professor, Doctor of Science (Philosophy); Mariya V. Danilovich, Associate Professor, Candidate of Science (History); Elena A. Dostanko, Associate Professor, Candidate of Science (Political Studies); Vladislav V. Froltsov, Associate Professor, Candidate of Science (History); Dmitriy L. Shevelyov, Associate Professor, Candidate of Science (History); Feras S. Salloum, Assistant Professor, Candidate of Science (History).

In 2014—2018 the Master’s program “History of International Relations and Foreign Policy” joined students from different states and regions, and namely Russia, China, India, Nigeria, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Iraq, Libya.


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