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Name of the speciality: Jurisprudence

Profiling: International Business Law

Degree: Master

Period of studying: 1 year

Form of education: Full-time education

Language of education: English

The program of education provides great possibilities to expand knowledge and develop managerial skills in the field of legal regulation in international business relations. Students receive contemporary information about the sources of international and national law, working rules with international commercial documents, rights protection techniques in national and international courts. The disciplines of the educational program are based on a method of comparative-legal analysis and provide basic knowledge of main legal families.

Advantages of education in speciality “Jurisprudence” profiling “International Business Law”

Master's degree studying on this profiling helps students to consolidate the skills of self-development and self-study in the conditions of constantly changing rules of electronic document management and digitalization of the law and practice of international business.

The result of the training is the formation of a universal specialist in the field of business, able to work in different national legal systems.

Our Master's degree program can help in providing career development for persons who practice law in commercial and business spheres, work in government agencies in the direction of foreign economic activity, carry out research and teaching activities in international business law.

The disciplines of the speciality are taught by highly qualified specialists who are actively engaged in scientific research and have practical experience.

Electronic platforms have been created for all disciplines on the electronic educational portal, where author's courses and lecture notes, interactive forms of individual and group classes, as well as creative tasks, tests, business games, forms of knowledge control and interactive communication of students with teachers are posted.

Students have the opportunity to participate in student science events and academic mobility programs.

A comfortable dormitory is provided.


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