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Department of English for Social Studies and Humanities
Senior Lecturer

Brief information

First higher: Belorussian Polytechnic Academy, device design faculty 1989-1994.
Second higher: Minsk State linguistic university, faculty of Western European languages, translator and interpreter of the English and Italian languages 1994-1998,
post graduate studies MSLU spec. 10.02.19 «theory of the language» 2001-2004.

- senior lecturer of the department of  the English language for Humanities BSU since 2000 

Scientific interests
Scientific research Confrontation and rivalry discourse in the Russian television show “Survivor 1”, under scientific supervision of   Professor, Doctor  (hab.) Irina F. Oukhvanova. K
ey words: confrontation and rivalry discourse, representation, discourse category, macro category, operational category, discourse content marker, discourse worldview, discourse portrait,  linguistics of discourse, causal genetic approach, reconstruction, discourse modeling, interdisciplinary, integrating deep thematic analysis.
The aim of the research: Reconstruction of the prototypical model and various functional models of confrontation and rivalry discourse as a macro text functioning in real social context–Russian version of the show where confrontation and rivalry is determined and motivated  by the fact of a material award. 

№2 separate. MO 3 course, 
responsible for the conduct of educational language practice (English).

Courses taught

1) Foreign language of professional activity (second) (English). No. TD-E.660 / typ. Typical curriculum for the academic discipline for the specialty 1-23 01 01 International Relations 

2) Foreign language (second) (English). No. TD-E.654 / typ. Typical curriculum for the academic discipline for the specialty 1-24 01 01 International law. 

For students 

Major publications

  1. Turkina, O. A. The ratio of the actualization of the discourse categories "I" and "Others" in the discourse of the world of the participants of the TV show "The Last Hero 1" / OA Turkina // Journal of History 2013: the camp, the problems and prospects: 15 int. scien.conf.. Minsk, 5-6 dec.. 2012 / BSU; ed.: S.V. Dubovіk (s.ed.) . - Міnsk, 2013. - . p. 256-257. 
  2. Turkina, OA The problem of the formation of the language personality in the process of teaching foreign languages ​​/ OA Turkina // Intercultural communication and professionally-oriented teaching of foreign languages: materials VII international. sci. conf., dedicated. The 92nd anniversary of the Belarusian education. state. Un-ta, Minsk, 30 October. 2013 / The BSU, ed: V. G. Shadursky [and others]. - Minsk, 2013. - P. 231-232. 
  3. Turkina, O. A Socialization and individualization of discourse-pictures of the world of individuals in the discourse of confrontation-rivalry (on the material of the game reality show "The Survivir 1" / OA Turkina // Journalism-2014: the camp, the problems and prospects: 16 int. sc. Conf.., Minsk, 4-5 dec., 2014 / Belarus., St.-Petersburg University: Міnsk, 2014. -P. 358 - 360. 
  4. Turkina, OA Scientific picture of the world and the teaching of foreign languages / OA Turkina // Intercultural communication and professionally-oriented instruction in foreign languages: materials VIII int.. sc. conf., dedicated. The 93rd anniversary of the BSU, Minsk, 30 October. 2014 / The BSU, rare: V. G. Shadursky (previous) [and others]. - Minsk, 2014. - P. 174 - 176.
  5. Turkina, О. Non-effective communication models in the context of rivalry on the material of the reality show. In: Вестн. Мин. гос. лингвист. ун-та. ser. 1, Philology. – Minsk, 2015. − №5. – P. 96−105.
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  10. Turkina, O. Discourse-category of successful communication in the discourse of confrontation-rivalry / OA Turkina // Intercultural communication and vocational-oriented teaching of foreign languages: materials IX int. sc. conf., dedicated. 94th anniversary of the BSU, Minsk, 30 October. 2015 / The BSU,: V. G. Shadursky [and others]. - Minsk, 2015. - P. 48-50.
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  12. Turkina O. Expertise of the success of different models of communicative behavior of rivals of the Russian-language television reality show / OA Turkina // Communication in social and humanitarian knowledge, economics, education. Organizational communication - 2016: materials of Intern. scientific-practical. Conf., Minsk, 7-9 April. 2016 / O.V. Tereschenko (editorial editors) [and others].
  13. Turkina O. Thematic and dialogue-performative varieties of text analysis / O.Turkina // Intercultural communication and professionally oriented teaching of foreign languages: materials X international. sci. conf., dedicated. 95th anniversary of the BSU, Minsk, 27 Oct. 2016 / The BSU, ed: V. G. Shadursky [and others]. 
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  16. Turkina O. Thematic analysis and cognitive mapping as methods for effective analysis of the content of the text / O. Turkina / National philosophy in the global world: abstracts of the First Belarusian Philosophical Congress / National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Institute of Philosophy: V. G. Gusakov [and others]. - Minsk: Belaruskaya Navuka, 2017. - P. 194-195

Act on the practical use of research results 

in the training program "Forensic Linguistic Studies of Speech Works" (for managers and specialists in the field of judicial, phonoscopic and linguistic examinations (72 teaching hours) and found their practical application in the field of conducting forensic-linguistic examination of the study of speech works

Commission consisting of the chairman: Krylov A.Yu., head of the department of forensic medicine, candidate of medical sciences, associate professor; members of the commission: A.Poskrebko. - Acting Head of the Department of Forensic and Technical Expertise, Kostanenkov V.P. - Head of the Department of Scientific and Methodological Support of Education and International Cooperation hereby confirms that the GUP "Institute for Advanced Training and Retraining of Personnel of the State Committee for Forensic Expertise of the Educational Establishment of the Institute of Forensic Expertise of the Republic of Belarus" and the State Scientific Practical Center of the State Committee for Forensic Expertise of the Republic of Belarus introduction into the educational process: the results of the dissertation research Turkina OA "The discourse of confrontation-rivalry of the Russian-language version of the television game" The Survivor 1 "on specialty 10.02.19" Theory of Language "

01/28/2012 - 06/10/2017 

Contacts: phone +375 17 209 57 62, e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


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