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Department of International Relations was established by the decision of the Scientific Council of Belarusian State University at the Department of History on September 1, 1992 due to the necessity of training specialists for foreign policy apparatus for the Belarusian state.

In connection with the formation on October 1, 1995 the Department of International Relations was transferred to a separate Faculty, where it operates to the present. Since the establishment of the department, its head is Alexander Sharapo, Doctor of Science (History), Professor.

Currently, the Department of International Relations employs seven doctors and twelve candidates of sciences. Teaching personnel of the Department has prepared several dozens of course books and manuals for various subjects, published monographs and collections of scientific papers, as well as hundreds of articles and other scientific materials.

The Department is in charge for graduating students majoring in 1-23 01 01 "International Relations". First 14 people graduated in June 1995. Students with majors in "Foreign Policy and Diplomacy" and "International Organizations" are trained here, as well as students with major in "Languages and Country Studies" ("Foreign Policy of Countries of the Middle East" and "Foreign Policy of the Far East").

The Department also provides individual training courses for the students specialized in international law, international economics, management in tourism, crosscultural studies, customs affairs. Lecturers of the Department are working at other faculties of Belarusian State University.

Address: 20 — room 511, Leningradskaya str., Minsk, 220030, Belarus
tel.: +375 17 209 57 37, e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


  • Address: Minsk, st. Leningradskaya, 20
  • Postal address: 220030, Minsk, пр. Nezavisimosti, 4
  • Phone: +375 17 209 59 77
  • e-mail: fir@bsu.by

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