The tasks of the Center are to support the development of a national school of international studies through the creation of an effective communication environment for scholars, experts and diplomats, strengthening ties between civil society, academic science and foreign policy practice.

The main directions of the Center’s activity are:

  • Scientific and practical developments in the field of international relations, world economy and regional policy;
  • Study of priorities and directions of the foreign policy and foreign economic course of the Republic of Belarus and the development of recommendations for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus and other state bodies;
  • Preparation and publication of articles, analytical reviews on problems of international relations;
  • Interaction with domestic and foreign research structures;
  • Preparation and holding of scientific and practical conferences and seminars on foreign policy and foreign economic issues;
  • Consultations for faculty members and students of BSU.

The Center constantly interacts with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus, other government bodies and maintains business relations with leading specialists of the academic and expert community of the republic.

Experts and international scholars from state and non-state research institutions, higher educational institutions of the Republic of Belarus and other countries participate in the projects of the Center.

CENTIS is a major participant in agreements between the BSU and a number of foreign universities, as well as foreign analytic centers and structures (the Russian Federation, the People’s Republic of China, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Albania, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Turkey, etc.).

The Center is a partner of the Forum of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization from the Republic of Belarus.

Employees of the Center for International Relations take part in the work of interdepartmental groups for the preparation of initiatives of the Republic of Belarus in the UN, and the development of legislative acts of a corresponding profile.

Over the years of the activity of the Center, more than 80 international scientific-practical conferences and scientific seminars were held; more than 10 innovative research projects were completed; a significant number of expert opinions and scientific articles was prepared; more than 20 printed scientific publications were issued.

The center annually publishes a peer-reviewed collection of scientific articles «Actual problems of international relations and global development».

CENTIS BSU is included in the World Directory of Think Tanks worldwide catalog, which is published by the National Institute for Research Advancementin Tokyo.