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Department of Oriental Linguistic and Country Studies
Head of the Department
Candidate of Science (History)
Associate Professor

Brief Information

Graduated from the faculty of international relations of the BSU in 1999 on the specialty "International Relations", he joined the Department of Oriental Languages FIR BSU as a teacher of Chinese.
In 2002, he did his Master's Degree on the specialty “International Relations and East Asia” at the University of Warwick (in the United Kingdom).
In 2004, he defended his Candidates Thesis on "The Politics of the People's Republic of China in Central Asia (from the 1990s till the beginning of the twenty-first century)".
In 2007-2010 and 2012-2014 he worked in Taiwan as a guest lecturer (University of  Chengchi, Taipei; University of Nanhua, Chiayi).
In 2010-2011, he worked as the chief of the RCIS (Republican Confucius Institute of Sinology) at the BSU as well as he continued his work at the Department of Oriental Linguistic and Country Studies FIR BSU. 
From March 2012 to January 2014, he was on training in Taiwan (University of Nanhua). 
In February 2014, he came back to work in the BSU, since November 2014, gained the position of the head of the Department of Linguistic and Oriental Countries Studies. 
From August 2017 he is the leading researcher at the center of the system analysis and strategic studies at the National Academy of Science of Belarus.

The Sphere of Scientific Interests: foreign policy of the People's Republic of China, international relations in East Asia, theory of international relations, theoretical problems of oriental studies.

Courses taught

Practice of Translation (Chinese)
Classical Chinese Language (Wenyan)
Political systems of the Far East Countries
Negotiations with the Countries of the Far East
Countries in the Far East in the Context of the World Policy
Contemporary Issues of Oriental Studies

Major publications

  1. Borovoy, V.R. The Foreign Policy of the People's Republic of China during the Era of Hu Jintao: the Main Features and Trends // Proceedings of the Faculty of International Relations : Scientific Collection. - Grad. 6. - Minsk, 2015. - P. 15 -18 .
  1. Borovoy, V.R., Pankova, A.V. Chinese Diaspora in Japan and the Problem of Assimilation // Topical Issues of International Relations and Global Development: Coll. Sci. Art. Issue. 4 / Comp. E. A. A. Dostanko; Rare: AM Baichorov (Ed.) [and others]. - Minsk, 2016. - P. 21-34.
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  • e-mail: fir@bsu.by

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