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Department of International Relations
Senior Lecturer


Graduated from the Faculty of History of Belarusian State University with a degree in history, teacher of history (1996 - 2001). In 2001 - 2004 studied at the postgraduate course of the Belarusian State University at the Department of the History of Modern and Contemporary Times.

Research interests: International migration processes and immigration policy of European states in the XX-XXI centuries. He specializes in the study of political processes in modern Europe and Asia in the context of the formation of a post-industrial society, the features of the development of economic cooperation and intercultural dialogue, and their influence on the political development of modern states.

Courses taught

Foreign policy of the Russian Federation
Religious tourism
Christian Relations in Interchurch and International Relations
Regional subsystems of international relations

 Major publications

  1. Snisarenko, K. L. The French Experience of Immigration Legislation Reforms (1993—1997) / K. L. Snisarenko // Belarusian Journal of International Law and International Relations. — 2004. — N 2. — P. 41—44.
  2. Snisarenko, K. L. Reforms of social maintenance in France (1993—1997) / K. L. Snisarenko // Belarusian Journal of International Law and International Relations. — 2004. — N 4. — P. 65—67.
  3. Snisarenko, K. L. French Experience of Privatization / K. L. Snisarenko // Working Papers of the Belarusian State Technological University. Ser. V. Ed. XII. — Minsk, 2004. — P. 138—143.
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  5. Snisarenko, K. L. Social-cultural and legal aspects of labour migration into the Republic of Belarus / K. L. Snisarenko // Belarus in Modern World: VIII International Conference materials, 30 October 2009. — Minsk: Tesey, 2009. — P. 300—301.
  6. Moseichuk, L. I. The Use of Computer Presentations in the work of a Lecturer / L. I. Moseichuk, K. L. Snisarenko // Methods of Quality Improvements of Students' Training: Materials of International Research and Practice Conference, Minsk, April 22-23, 2010 / Editorial Board: O. L. Zhuk (editor-in-chief) [and oth.]. - Minsk: BSU, 2010. - P. 303-305.
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