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Department of International Law
Senior Lecturer

In 2012 she graduated from Faculty of International Relations with a degree in International Law. In 2013, she graduated with honors from the Graduate School of Law in Riga (Riga, Latvia), where she received a master's degree in Law and Human Rights (LL.M. in Public International Law and Human Rights).

Affiliated as a faculty staff of the Department of International Law since 2014. He speaks English (fluent) and French.

Internships, trainings:

  • Academic internship program "European Studies", University. J. Comenius, Vitali Silitski Scholarship,  (Bratislava, Slovakia, 2012).
  • Professional training for lawyers and human rights defenders, the Center for International Protection (Strasbourg, France, 2014).
  • Winter School on European Law and Integration Processes, Saarland University (Saarbrücken, Germany, 2015).
  • Training for teachers of the HELP program (European Human Rights Education Program for representatives of legal professions) (Minsk, 2017).
  • Fulbright Faculty development Program Fellowship, University of Oregon Law School (USA, Eugene, 2018-2019).

Research interests:

Theory of international law, the methodology of teaching and research of international law, issues of international human rights law, problems of environmental safety and sustainable development.

Expert and social activities:

Since 2014, she has been the coach of BSU student teams participating in international competitions and moot courts in international law.

Served as a judge of the international student competition Nelson Mandela Human Rights Moot Court Competition (international rounds) and Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition (national and international rounds).

Project Manager United Nations Development Program in Belarus (2018)

Currently - Rights and Development Specialist in The Office of Unite Nations in Belarus.

 Participation in professional associations, social activities:

Member of the International Law Association.

Co-founder, member and referee of the Public Association “Society of International Law”.

Awards, promotions:

Diploma of the Competition for the best leader and organizer of research work of students and graduate students of BSU in the nomination “Personal contribution to the organization of research work of students and graduate students in the University department” (3rd prize, 2017).
Principle of non-discrimination: fheory and practice
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