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Educational and Research Center for the study of regional processes (economic, political, social) in Eurasia.


To promote the linkage of academic knowledge with practical experience; to develop an interdisciplinary study approach to the processes of regional integration and disintegration; to contribute to the development of a general framework for expert and political discourse on understanding and explaining Eurasia in order to restore confidence in this region.


1. Academic. Creation of the educational module on "Eurasian Studies", including the development of interdisciplinary curricula for the EAEU on the basis of existing modules on the European Studies.

2. Research. Production of analytical materials through specialized discussions based on a broad interdisciplinary approach in order to motivate further research and discussions with an applied public expertise.
Publications. By means of the Internet resource of International Public Association "Development", as well as the Journal of International Law and International Relations make the results of research and discussions available to all stakeholders via publishing analytical products in the form of comments, articles, analytical papers and reports.

3. Public expertise. The research results should be discussed with the representatives of business, government and media. Through their feedback, we aim to form a new request for research. Usages in social networks. Through the creation of pages and groups disseminate information about the activities of the Center, constantly communicate with our subscribers. This area of activity is focused on the work with young people and providing up-to-date information about the work of the Center.


1. Integration – activities of regional, mega-regional organizations, the EAEA, the SCO, as well as associations and initiatives, the aim of which is regional cooperation in Eurasia (OBOR), the creation of economic cooperative ties, joint TNCs.

2. Disintegration – withdrawal from organizations, non-cooperation, regional conflicts, trade wars, rivalry in the region.

3. Factors, which determine both integration and disintegration processes in Eurasia.

4. Construction of regional, mega-regional character in the context of political, economic processes in Eurasia.

5. Social changes in the countries of the region caused by contradictory integration and disintegration processes, regional construction (labor migration, the emergence of social movements, changes in social indicators, the problem of social protection, reforms in the educational space of Eurasia and their consequences).


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Roza Turarbekova – Director of the Centre, Candidate of Science (History), Associate Professor of the Department



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