Department of Romance Languages

Department of Romance LanguagesThe Emblem of the Department of Romance LanguagesThe Department of Romance Languages was set up at the Faculty of International Relations on September 2001 after separation of the Department of Romance and Germanic Languages into two independent departments. Vasily Dublyansky, Candidate of Science (Philology), Associate Professor (at present - Professor), was the first Head of the Department.Throughout its existence the Department has become one of the most prominent scientific and educational centres of Romance Philology in Belarus. It has prepared many specialists in the sphere of international relations with proficiency in the Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese languages, who successfully work in Belarus as well as abroad.

The department provides language training for such specializations as International Relations, International Law, World Economy, Management in International Tourism, Customs Affairs and Oriental Linguistics and County Studies. The Department is the only educational centre in the Republic of Belarus, which officially provides training of the Portuguese language.

The staff of the Department includes 30 people: 1 Professor, 2 Associate Professors, 22 Senior Lecturers, 9 Lecturers and 2 Department Assistants. The Department is headed by Vasily Cherkas, Candidate of Science (Philology), Associate Professor.
Since its formation the Department has directed its potential towards developing a curriculum complex of courses taught, improving methods and forms of foreign languages teaching, improving educational process, and developing new special courses.

The members of the staff have prepard and published more than 50 manuals, developed and introduced teaching and methodological packages, standard curricula for all courses, and had more than 150 publications.

The members of the teaching staff take paret in the work of state examination boards, serve as official opponents at the defense of PhD theses, and make review of dissertations, books, and contest papers. On the regular basis the staff serves on the board of the jury of Regional and Republican School Olympiads, which are held annually under the auspices of the Ministry of Education.

Internet resources, authentic audio and video materials in French, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese, computer technologies, role plays and business games are widely used by the teaching staff in the course of educational process.

 Address: 20 - room 805, Leningradskaya str., Minsk, 220030, Belarus
tel.: +375 17 209 57 54, e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


General Courses

  • First Foreign Language (Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, French)
  • Second Foreign Language (Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, French)
  • Theory and Practice of Translation
  • Business Diplomatic Correspondence


  • Черкас Василий ВасильевичVasily Cherkas — Head of the Department, Candidate of Science (Philology), Associate Professor (French)

The French Language

  • Maria Dyatchik — Senior Lecturer
  • Ерашова Валентина ГригорьевнаValentina Erashova — Senior Lecturer
  • Карелин Сергей ВалерьевичSergey Karelin — Senior Lecturer
  • Кожарина Татьяна ВладимировнаTatiana Kozharina — Associate Professor
  • Крель Людмила АнтоновнаLudmila Krel — Senior Lecturer
  • Литвиненко Ольга ЛеонидовнаOlga Litvinenko — Senior Lecturer

The Spanish Language

  • Дублянский Василий ИвановичVasily Dublyansky — Candidate of Science (Philology), Associate Professor
  • Белозерова Елена ВениаминовнаElena Belozerova — Senior Lecturer
  • Ваксер София ГенриховнаSofia Vakser — Senior Lecturer
  • Гутор Лариса КонстантиновнаLarisa Gutor — Senior Lecturer
  • Стахнова Ольга ВладимировнаOlga Stakhnova — Senior Lecturer
  • Судакова Юлия ИгоревнаYulia Sinyavskaya — Senior Lecturer
  • Храмович Юлия НиколаевнаYulia Khramovich — Senior Lecturer
  • Ляшук Григорий ДемьяновичGrigory Lyashuk — Senior Lecturer
  • Kukian ElenaElena Kukyan — Lecturer
  • Никончук Анна СергеевнаAnna Nikonchiuk — Lecturer
  • Масилевич Анастасия ВладимировнаAnastasiya Masilevich — Senior Lecturer

The Italian Language

  • Грекова Наталья ВладимировнаNatalia Grekova — Senior Lecturer
  • Долидович Ольга ВладимировнаOlga Dolidovich — Senior Lecturer
  • Мартусь Виктория ВасильевнаVictoria Martus — Senior Lecturer
  • Maltsev VictorVictor Maltsev — Senior Lecturer

The Portuguese Language

  • Шарупич Татьяна ВасильевнаTatiana Sharupich — Senior Lecturer

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