Department of English For Social Sciences and Humanities

The Department of English for Social Sciences and Humanities was among the first departments set up during the establishment of the Faculty of International Relations. In December 1995, established as the Department of English, it consisted of 7 people working there. The rapid increase in staff led to the Department reorganization in 2001 into 2 subdivisions in accordance with the special training the students were getting: Economics and Humanities. Currently the Department employs 4 Associate Professors, 24 Senior Lecturers, 6 Lecturers and 2 Department Assistants. Among the teaching personnel there are 3 Сandidates of Science (Philology) and 1 Candidate of Science (Pedagogy).

The Department has always paid its attention to improving professional skills of its personnel, as it is a rather challenging task to provide necessary language training for the specialists in international relations and foreign languages at a proper level. Lack of corresponding language environment is one of the problems that lecturers of foreign languages have encountered.

One of the main tasks of the Department is the creation of effective courses and providing teaching materials for all the disciplines taught. Syllabuses for such disciplines and specializations as "International Relations" and "International Law" (English as the first foreign language) have been developed and put into practice; academic programmes for English as the second foreign language for the students of "International Relations", "International Law" and "Oriental Linguistic and Country Studies" exist in two variants: for beginners and for those who continue studying English.

Department's teaching personnel have been invited to act as Chairmen of the State exam board, as official opponents at a defense of PhD thesis, as thesis reviewers as well as monograph readers and etc. Among innovative educational technologies and trends used, we can name project work, simulations and role plays, case studies, etc., not to mention usage of IT to teach English in its different aspects.

  Address: 20 - room 1011, Leningradskaya str., Minsk, 220030, Belarus
tel.: +375 17 209 57 62, e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


General cources

  • English as the First Foreign Language
  • English as the Second Foreign Language
  • Theory and Practice of Translation
  • Business and Diplomatic Correspondence


Head of the Department

Associate Professors

  • Tatyana Karaicheva — Candidate of Science (Philology), Associate Professor
  • Natalia Mosunova — Candidate of Science (Philology), Associate Professor
  • Alena Palupanava — Candidate of Science (Pedagogy), Associate Professor

Senior Lecturers

  • Irina Avdeyeva  — Senior Lecturer
  • Tatiana Balaksina — Senior Lecturer
  • Elena Cimbalista — Senior Lecturer
  • Tatiana Dvornikova — Senior Lecturer
  • Volha Dziomka — Senior Lecturer
  • Olga Kostochkina — Senior Lecturer
  • Nataliya Ladik — Senior Lecturer
  • Ludmila Laptinskaya — Senior Lecturer
  • Irina Lesovskaya — Senior Lecturer
  • Irina Makarevich — Senior Lecturer
  • Tatiana Makarevich — Senior Lecturer
  • Elena Medvedeva — Senior Lecturer
  • Svetlana Minchenia — Senior Lecturer
  • Tatiana Miteva — Senior Lecturer
  • Tatsiana Nedarezava — Senior Lecturer
  • Tatiana Pisakova — Senior Lecturer
  • Zinaida Romashko — Senior Lecturer
  • Svetlana Solovyeva — Senior Lecturer
  • Iryna Taranda — Senior Lecturer
  • Maryna Tarasenko — Senior Lecturer
  • Victoria Tkachenko — Senior Lecturer
  • Oksana Turkina — Senior Lecturer
  • Olga Vologina — Senior Lecturer
  • Lubov Zagorskaya — Senior Lecturer
  • Svetlana Zoudova — Senior Lecturer


  • Elena Harbunova — Lecturer 
  • Murad Geldyev — Lecturer
  • Valeria Naumovich — Lecturer
  • Vasili Ryzhov — Lecturer
  • Maria Shudeiko — Lecturer
  • Veronika Vasilevich — Lecturer 

Department Assistant

  • Polina Chernopinskaya — Department Assistant
  • Iryna Silina — Department Assistant

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