Department of English for Economics

Кафедра английского языка экономических специальностей

The Department was founded on September 2001.

The Head of the Department is Svetlana A. Dubinko, Candidate of Science (Philology), Associate Professor (Phonostylistics, Theory and Practice of Translation, Current Issues of Foreign Language Teaching Methods and Up-to-date Teaching Techniques, Cross-Cultural Communication and Business English Communicative Strategies).

The Department employs 31 persons: 1 Professor, 6 Associate Professors (4 Candidates of Science (Philology) and 2 Candidates of Science (Pedagogy)), 23 Senior Lecturers (1 of them graduated from the University of Bologna and was awarded a degree of Doctor of Science (Philosophy)), 2 Lecturers and 2 department assistants.

Leading specialists in teaching who have had vast experience of work both in Belarus and abroad work as the Department staff members. The teaching staff of the Department has perpared about 400 scientific works, including 48 manuals, which are used in teaching process.

The teaching staff participated in scientific and methodological seminars and conferences abroad: Distance-Learning Master's Degree Program "Business English Teaching" in the UK (Manchester); scientific seminar on Business English teaching in Business School (the University of Iowa); Distance-Learning M.S. Module "ESP Teaching" in Chicago, the US; "Community Connection" Programme in Warsaw; in seminar "Career Development and Leadership" in Athlone Educational College, Ireland; scientific-methodological seminars in the USA (Kansas State University, Manhattan, Lawrence University, KS, University of Missouri - Kansas City); in seminar "Academic Writing" in Beersheba, Israel. The staff members take part in the work of Methodological Council of Academic Book Center of the Ministry of Education of Belarus, and serve on the board of the jury of Region School Competitions which are held annually under the auspices of the Ministry of Education.

The Department takes part in projects elaboration on BSU students training for the participation in Erasmus Mundus Programmes (BMU-MID and MID Programmes), supervised by the University of Turku (Finland), according to the Agreement, signed together with the BSU Cente for International Ties (Department of International Projects and Programmes).

It's a tradition to hold regularly meetings with native English speekers, virtual conferences with lecturers and students from other universities of English-speaking countries, with representatives of International Charity Association "SOFIA", with lecturers of English, who thanks to information support of the US Embassy in Minsk are invited to read lectires (Fulbright scholars).

In order to make the educational process more efficient and get experience from the leading institutions in the sphere of English teaching, the Department annually holds scientific seminars with representatives of Moscow State Institute of International Relations (Department № 2), and in the framework of Memorandum of Intentions participates in conferences and publications.

The Club of Declamatory Art "Business Communication" operates at the Department (supervisor - E. V. Grinevich, Senior Lecturer). The meetings are usually held in the form of lectures, performances, panel discussions, diplomatic readings, translation meetings, virtual conferences. Students have the possibility to receive useful information from specialists about their future professional activities (in particular, about interview passing, ethics in business communication, charity projects).

More than 10 years the Department holds meetings within the Scientific Debating Club (supervisor - S. A. Dubinko, Associate Professor), which unites students, teaching staff and scientists of National Academy of Science of Belarus in their common desire to exchange the experience in English communication. The main topics of discussion include scientific conferencing, experience of scientific and business presentations preparation in English, cross-cultural factor in successful negotiations and meetings. This meetings are mutually beneficial, as they broaden scientific horizons and increase language potential of both students and scientists.

The translator club «TRANSLATOR / INTERPETER IN PROFESSIONAL COMMUNICATION» (supervisor - A. F. Drozd, Candidate of Science (Philology), Associate Professor) is also actively engaged in the Department's activities. It unites students and lectures, who are interested in current issues of translation practicies. The Club regularly invites leading specialists in translation, who share their practical working experience in the UN, the European Commission, NATO and other international organizations, analyses typical mistakes of Russian-English and English-Russian translations. Particular attention is given to the Russian Language Stylistic, which is necessary for appropriate translation. The Club's Plan also includes psychological contacts of translator and business ethics, cross-cultural issues in translation activities, information technologies in translation, national particularities of international negotiations conduct and translation, busines communication, presentation preparation and business meetings subject matter, as well as practical course of professional tranlation.

Many lecturers were distinguishes by University authorities and other educational institutions for their achievements in specialists training: honorary title "Honorary Figure of Belarusian State University", certificates of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus. 

 Address: 20 - room 914, Leningradskaya str., Minsk, 220030, Belarus
tel.: +375 17 209 57 57 , e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Department offers language courses: "Business English" for "World Economy", "Management in International Tourism" and "Customs Affairs" students.


General Courses

  • English as the First Foreign Language
  • English as the Second Foreign Language
  • Theory and Practice of Translation
  • English for Postgraduate Students

Special Courses

  • Business English (Cultural Awareness in International Business)
  • Crosscultural Competence and Translation


Associate Professors, Candidates of Science

  • Dubinko S.A.Svetlana Dubinko — Head of the Department, Candidate of Science (Philology), Associate Professor
  • Nina Govorova — Candidate of Science (Philology), Associate Professor
  • DrozdAntonina Drozd — Candidate of Science (Philology), Associate Professor
  • MarkinaLudmila Markina — Candidate of Science (Philology), Associate Professor
  • MarkosianYelena Markosjan (Gavrilenko) — Candidate of Science (Philology), Associate Professor
  • shimaskayaOlga Shimanskaya — Candidate of Science (Philology), Associate Professor

Candidate of Science (Philology)

  • Alexander Babuk — Senior Lecturer

Senior Lecturers

  • AhrimenyaGalina Akhrimenya — Senior Lecturer
  • BorekoSvetlana Boreko — Senior Lecturer
  • VolyntsevaOlga Volyntseva — Senior Lecturer
  • GrinevichEkaterina Grinevich — Senior Lecturer
  • DenisovaGalina Denisova — Senior Lecturer
  • Olga Zhukovets— Senior Lecturer
  • KosterovaNatalia Kostyerova — Senior Lecturer
  • KulikValentina Kulik — Senior Lecturer
  • KurachekOksana Kurachek — Senior Lecturer
  • MaisukYulia Maisiuk — Senior Lecturer
  • MorevaLudmila Moreva — Senior Lecturer
  • nazarovaGalina Nazarova — Senior Lecturer
  • Inga Paseishvili — Senior Lecturer
  • PilgunElena Pilgun — Senior Lecturer
  • Alexand Piskunov— Senior Lecturer
  • Rimma Romanovich — Senior Lecturer
  • TamarinaAlla Tamarina — Senior Lecturer
  • ToropovaLidia Toropova — Senior Lecturer
  • TurloVera Turlo — Senior Lecturer
  • Nina Fomicheva — Senior Lecturer
  • ChernetskayaNatalia Chernetskaya — Senior Lecturer
  • Tatiana Schmidt — Senior Lecturer


  • Lubov Akhramenko — Lecturer
  • Ekaterina Belookaya —  Lecturer
  • Elena Belousova —  Lecturer
  • Daria Danilevich —  Lecturer
  • Elena Sukhorenko —  Lecturer
  • Karina Taleiko —  Lecturer
  • Tatiana Tikhonovich —  Lecturer

Department Assistants

  • Angelika Pavlovets — Department Assistant

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